Our Services


Seniors and disabled residents must register with SOS to make use of our services. A Client Registration form will be completed by one of our volunteer Office Staff and may be completed by telephone. If a client would prefer to complete the registration form in person, please contact the SOS Office, in advance, to arrange a suitable time for you to visit us.


Seniors Outreach Services (SOS) is a non-profit community organization located in Stoney Creek. Through our volunteers, we assist senior residents 60 years of age and older who reside in Stoney Creek and Winona to remain independent in their homes. Senior residents and disabled residents are offered a number of services to accomplish that goal.

Stoney Creek Seniors Outreach Services was founded by the late William Mitchell, who saw the need to provide services on a volunteer basis. SOS was established in 1990 and since then we have been proudly serving our clients. In the early days, we primarily provided rides that allowed our seniors the ability to go to doctor’s appointments and shopping. Over time, the services expanded to include snow removal.

Today, those services make up the majority of services provided by volunteer drivers and snow blower operators. In both cases, these services are provided on a pre-determined reimbursement fee set by SOS.

Through the dedicated work of our volunteers our client base has increased tremendously and continues to grow.

Information is also provided for yard work, housekeeping, and minor home repairs for seniors.


Our Office Staff will arrange for volunteer drivers to take you to medical appointments, shopping, hairdresser appointments, etc. The rides are within the Greater Hamilton Area and include hospital appointments, church services, etc. A reimbursement fee is pre-determined based on the location of the destination. The fee is paid directly by the client to the driver. Contact our Office Staff at least two days in advance of the ride to make arrangements.


If you require assistance with minor home repairs, yard work or housekeeping, we have volunteers who may be able to help. Our volunteers are screened by our Staff. The fee will be determined between you (the client) and the volunteer in advance. The fee is paid directly by the client to the volunteer.


Clients are to contact our Office Staff to register for this service. Our Snow Removal Program Coordinator will contact you to assess your needs, and in some instances, may visit your home to determine a reimbursement fee. (Note that this service is currently fully booked.)

Our volunteer snow blower operators are assigned to areas. Name of the operator and the pre-determined reimbursement fee will be confirmed to the client in advance of the snow season. The fee is paid directly by the client to the volunteer operator.